Speaker Biographies
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Renewable Energy for the 21st Century
Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton


Tuesday, March 14th

1:00 PM           Conference Welcome – Rebecca Watson, former Assistant Secretary, United States Department of the Interior


2:15 PM           Conference Challenge – Stephen Smith, Executive Director, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (2,551 kb Acrobat file)


3:15 PM           Explore New/Recent Policy Developments (Panel)

                        Mark Nechodom, PhD, Panel Moderator Sierra Nevada Research Center, U.S. Forest Service


2005 Energy Bill

John Ashworth, PhD, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (123 kb Acrobat file)


WGA Clean & Diversified Energy Initiative (Biomass Task Force report) and National Biomass State & Regional Partnership (NBSRP) policy efforts Ed Gray, President, Antares Group, Inc. (601 kb Acrobat file)


Review of State Level Efforts for Biomass Incentives

Fred Tornatore, TSS State Policies Consultant (155 kb Acrobat file)

 Arthur “Butch” Blazer, New Mexico State Forester (964 kb Acrobat file)

Wednesday, March 15th

8:15 AM          Scale of the Challenges That Confront Us:  Current State of Nation’s forest and Range Ecosystems, Current Biomass Inventory & Restoration Efforts

Marcia Patton-Mallory, PhD, Panel Moderator Biomass and Bioenergy Coordinator, USDA Forest Service, Office of the Chief


Hurricane Update: Lessons Learned From Hurricane and Other Catastrophic Event Clean Up Efforts  -- Bill Jones, Alabama Forestry Association; Director, Alabama Loggers Council (581 kb Acrobat file)


Stewardship Success Story in Arizona

Elaine Zieroth, Forest Supervisor, Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest U.S. Forest Service (4,322 kb Acrobat file)


Estimating Accessible Biomass Volumes from Fire Hazard Reduction and Forest Health Improvement Treatments in the Western United States

Jamie Barbour, Program Manager, Focused Science Delivery Program Pacific Northwest Research Station, U.S. Forest Service (2,089 kb Acrobat file)


10:15 AM        Keynote: Renewable Energy for the 21st Century
Rebecca W. Watson - Introduction of Secretary Gale Norton

                        Gale A. Norton, Secretary, Department of the Interior


10:45 AM        Proven and Emerging Technologies for Conversion of Woody Biomass to Energy

A look at proven biomass utilization technologies…heating, power, biofuels, and utilization.  Emphasis on lessons learned.


Paul DeLong, Panel Moderator, State Forester & Forestry Division Administrator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – Division of Forestry


A New Vision for Value Added Forestry

Phillip C Badger, President and Chief Manager, Renewable Oil International, LLC (939 kb Acrobat file)


Emerging Bioenergy Technologies for Transportation Fuels

Richard Bain, PhD, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (833 kb Acrobat file)


11:30 AM        Innovations in Small – Diameter Forest Products Utilization

John Shelly, PhD, Biomas Utilization Advisor, University of California, Berkeley (1,826 kb Acrobat file)


12:00 Noon      Luncheon Speaker

                        Partnering with Industry to Bring Bioenergy Technology to Market

Michael Pacheco, PhD., Director of United States DOE National Bioenergy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (3,771 kb Acrobat file)



Panel 1

1:30 – 3:15 PM            Markets and Opportunities: Woody Biobased Products

Dr. Liam Leightley, Panel Moderator Professor, Head of Department of Forest Products, Director of Institute for Furniture Manufacturing and Management, Mississippi State University


Forest Fuels Reductions and Biomass-to-Energy; Market and Non-Market Value Analysis Indicates Public Benefits Are Underestimated -

Larry Mason, Rural Technology Initiative, University of Washington
(3,771 kb Acrobat file)

Bioenergy conversion factors and glossary of terms (16 kb Acrobat file)


A Market Pathway to Forest Restoration

Cal Mukumoto, Forest Resource Director, Warm Springs Forest Products Industries

(857 kb Acrobat file)


Current and Potential Markets for Pyrolysis Oils

Philip Steele, PhD, Department of Forest Products, College of Forest Resources, Mississippi State University (192 kb Acrobat file)



Panel 2

1:30 – 3:15 PM            Case Studies:

Small Diameter Forest Products Utilization Projects: Real World Examples & Lessons Learned

Craig Rawlings, Panel Moderator Small Wood Enterprise Agent, Montana Community Development Corporation


Integrated Harvesting and Utilization of Small Diameter Timber

Richard Dodge, Dodge Logging (1,512 kb Acrobat file)


Biomass Opportunities for Rural and Tribal Forest-based Communities

Brett KenCairn, Partner, Restoration Technologies Group, LLC; Director, Community Energy (469 kb Acrobat file)


Panel 3

1:30 – 3:15 PM            Case Studies:

Woody Biomass to Energy Conversion Projects: Real World Examples & Lessons Learned

Tim Maker, Panel Moderator Executive Director, Biomass Energy Resource Center


Aquila Co-Fire Project (Colorado)

Rick Cables, Regional Forester, R2, U.S. Forest Service, Scott Haase, McNeil Technologies and Linda Anania, Deputy State Director, Bureau of Land Management

(192 kb Acrobat file)


McNeil Generating Station (Vermont)

John Irving, Plant Superintendent, Joseph C. McNeil Generating Station, Burlington Electric Department (641 kb Acrobat file)


Greenville Steam Company (Maine)

Scott Brown, CEO, Greenville Steam Company (Maine) (265 kb Acrobat file)

Panel 4

3:45 – 5:30 PM            Biomass Utilization Project Development – Steps to Consider  

                                    Tad Mason, Panel Moderator Managing Partner, TSS Consultants


Developing Commercial Scale Bioenergy Projects – Some Steps to Consider

Tad Mason, Managing Partner, TSS Consultants (998 kb Acrobat file)



Developing Community Scale Bioenergy Projects

Ravi Malhotra, Executive Director, International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (369 kb Acrobat file)


Overview of the Biomass Financing Model: Financing Requirements & Capital Markets Potential -- Peter Luchetti, CEO, GFP Advisors (7051 kb Acrobat file)


Panel 5

3:45 – 5:30 PM            Energy, Environmental, and Economic Perspectives and Potential Partnerships of Agriculture and Woody Biomass

Panel Moderator: Dr. Richard Nelson, Director and Department Head, Engineering Extension, Kansas State University


Potential Water Quality Improvement from Herbaceous Energy Crop Production and Use as a Co-firing Fuel to Meet Various RPS Requirements in Kansas

Dr. Richard Nelson, Director and Department Head, Engineering Extension, Kansas State University (269 kb Acrobat file)


25 x ‘25 Initiative- Ernest C. Shea, Project Coordinator, 25 x ’25 Work Group
(228 kb Acrobat file)


Community Ties to Sustainability through Bio-based Products and Bioenergy

Marcia Patton-Mallory, PhD, Biomass and Bioenergy Coordinator, U.S. Forest Service, Office of the Chief (1,16881 kb Acrobat file)


Co-firing Coal and Forest Biomass in Colorado: Bridging the Cost Gap Through Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s)

Scott Haase, Renewable Resources Specialist, DOI Indian Affairs – Division of Energy and Mineral Development (350 kb Acrobat file)

Panel 6

3:45 – 5:30 PM            Supply: Finding a Reliable and Consistent Supply

Ed Gee, Panel Moderator National Woody Biomass Utilization Team Leader, National Forest Service


Locating and Procuring Woody Biomass Fuel for a 50 MW Anderson Based Wood-fired Power Plants. Steve Jolley, Fuel Procurement Manager, Wheelabrator Shasta Energy, Inc. (4,693 kb Acrobat file)


Coordinated Resource Offering Protocol (CROP)

Catherine Mater, President, Mater Engineering, Ltd., Senior Fellow, The Pinchot Institute (431 kb Acrobat file)


Pellet Production and Supply - Rob Davis, Forest Energy (1,032 kb Acrobat file)


5:30 pm Woody BUG impromptu - Bryce Stokes

Thursday, March 16th

8:10 AM       Perspectives from Elected Officials, Environmental Organizatins, and Industry

John Heissenbuttel, Vice President, Forest and Wood Products, American Forest & Paper Association

                                    Andrew Merritt, Senator Allard’s Office (CO)

                                    David Hiller, Senator Salazar’s Office (CO)

                        Todd Schulke, Forest Program Director, Center for Biological Diversity

Jim Walls, Executive Director, Lake County Resources Initiative


9:45 AM          Success on the Ground: Community Based Efforts That Are Making Progress

                                    Al Sample, Panel Moderator President, Pinchot Institute for Conservation


            A Cohesive Strategy for Fire Protection, Forest Restoration and Economic Stability

Frank Stewart, Counties’ Quincy Library Group Forester, Board of California Fire Safe Council (11,130 kb Acrobat file)


Mount Wachusett Community College: The Role of Biomass in Education, Sustainability and Energy Security

Rob Rizzo, Director of Facilities Administration, Mount Wachusett Community College, Massachusetts (2,401 kb Acrobat file)                                   


Fules for Schools - Angela Farr, Biomass Utilization Coordinator, Montana Dept. of Natural resources and Conservatin. (563 kb Acrobat file)


 11:30AM         Closing Remarks

Pam Inmann, Executive Director, Western Governors’ Association


Bill Wilson, President, National Association of Conservation Districts


Jeff Jahnke, Director, Colorado State Forest Service